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How to use IDIOMS to “up your game” and improve your English conversational skills

In this episode Fiona explores the fun of using idioms in the English language.


An idiom is a phrase or saying that is commonly used in everyday English to express certain ideas or opinions. Understanding idioms is an important way to improve your English language skills as using them requires a deeper understanding of the language.

Idioms may seem complicated at first, but they can actually be a lot of fun to learn.

Here are some examples:

  • to kill 2 birds with 1 stone (to get 2 jobs done with one action)
  • it takes 2 to tango (2 people have to be involved to make this happen, so it is both of their faults if it goes wrong!)
  • to be stabbed in the back (When someone betrays or deceits  you without you seeing it coming)
  • it costs an arm and a leg (It is really expensive)
  • to think outside of the box (To see something from a different point of view, to think differently)
  • to put it in a nutshell (To summarize)
  • to bite the bullet (To get on with it!)
  • to get the ball rolling (To get things started)
  • it is a piece of cake (It is really easy to do)
  • to start from scratch (To start from the very beginning)


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