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Learn English with Fiona

Whatever it is you are looking for, let me help you, to help yourself. Together we will find a language strategy to suit your needs and I will guide you on your own personal journey to improve your English language skills.

English for Students – All Levels

 Business English

Books and Games to support early learning

English for ESL teachers

Coaching for Bilingual Parents – How to successfully raise a bilingual child

“The journey to fluency begins with a single word”

Fiona Simpson-Stöber

My name is Fiona Simpson-Stöber and my passion is helping people to learn English.

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Talk-Audio-Play Inspired learning with Robby. Connecting books with technology.

The TAP-App revolutionizes the way children learn and encourages kids to finally pick up books again.

Current Projects

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There is no risk, if you don’t think I can help you that’s fine. But imagine if I can. What if I can help you achieve your language goals?

Coaching for professionals who need to improve their English skills in the workplace:

  • Improved Fluency
  • Confidence both in the office and with that small talk you so need on those business dinners
  • At last understanding the English Grammar
  • Being able to articulate yourself both in speech and on paper
  • Having the confidence to know you can present yourself in the English Language

Coaching for students and children of all ages and levels:

  • Writing good marks at school
  • Achieving fluency
  • Communicating with confidence
  • Writing skills that will support you throughout your whole life

Coaching for ESL Teachers:

  • Learn how to help your students to get the most out of themselves
  • The art of encouragement
  • Preparing, adapting and applying your knowledge to the needs of your students.

Coaching for bilingual parents:

  • Bringing up a bilingual child successfully
  • Be a confident bilingual parent
  • A mothers guide to bilingualism
  • How to encourage a bilingual child
  • Bilingual siblings
  • The education of a bilingual child