Fiona Simpson-Stöber BSc(Hons) DipM,MTEFL was born in England and moved to Germany in 1994. After working for a large German engineering company as a sales engineer Fiona took a major career change and re-trained as an English teacher for English as a second language.

Fiona has coached a number of top managers in English public speaking as well as in business English. Fiona also helps children of all ages with their school English and is specialised in helping children with learning difficulties. Her love for young children soon found her playfully teaching English in Kindergarten and together with her handpuppet Robby she regularly visits a number of local Kindergartens where they sing, dance and play with the children in the English language.

Fiona has written a number of bilingual books for the Play&Say range, recorded a CD of “Children´s favourite songs” and she is currently developing a range of bilingual audio books of which the first are already available on the market. Fiona also develops card games, board games and App´s to encourage the playful acquistion of the English language.

As an author and public speaker, Fiona is well-known for her methods and exceptional motivational skills. As a passionate language trainer Fiona aims  to teach through the eyes of her students, that way she can be sure she is fulfilling their needs.

Her methods are simple, practical and very successful!

The limits of my language are the limits of my world

Ludwig Wittgenstein

(1889 – 1951), Philosopher