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Why learning English with Robby is magical

Robby and I have been playing with children in English for well over 10 years now and I often get asked why it works so well. My answer is simple:

“Because learning with Robby is magical!”

I know you all probably think I´m mad and that you can´t actually learn a language by believing it´s magic, but you can!

Robby really is magical and how the children learn is magical too. All they have to do is listen. Robby sings, talks, jokes around, he dances and plays games, he even tells stories. All the children have to do is listen and believe in Robby´s magic!

After a while they start to understand what Robby is saying, then they start joining in and before you know it they start using English themselves.

All of this is done without a single English lesson. Without a single vocabulary test and without even mentioning English grammar.

Imagine if learning English was that simple!

Well it is with Robby 🙂

Take a look at Robby´s range of Audio books and feel the magic for yourself.