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Who is Fiona Simpson-Stöber?

Fiona Simpson Stöber

Fiona Simpson-Stöber is the founder and author of the highly successful Play&Say® range of books. Her teachings are known for their simplicity and their indisputable success. Her deep insight into language acquistion and her very natural approach both inspires and encourages learners all over the world. Her website and various social media channels provide her followers with a simple yet successful approach to learning the English language.


An exceptional facilitator and teacher Fiona is known for creating a fun and exciting learning environment whether she is teaching young learners in Kindergarten, students in her after-school classes, dyslexic learners or adults in a Business English Class. She offers her training online or in-person and is well known for her mentoring skills encouraging her clients in her Coaching Programs for public speaking, acting and gaining confidenence in small-talk.


Her work is SIMPLE, SUCCESSFUL and SO much fun. If you learn with Fiona you will learn so much more than just English, you will not only learn to communicate in the English language you will learn to feel the English language in a way that actually feels so good that you can create a solid, sustainable, high level of success.

All of Fiona´s published work can be found in Amazon and all good book shops.

If you would like to contact Fiona directly, please feel free to drop her a line:

[email protected]