Learn English

There is no limit to what you can achieve, if you put your mind to it!

Believe in yourself and you will see the results!

If you want to succeed in learning English you have to focus on where it is you want to go. It is no good just talking about wanting to be fluent or about the classes you are attending. I can honestly tell you, you can attend a million English lessons and a million more, but there is no guarantee that you will learn anything.

To be successful you have to know:

  • Why you are learning
  • What you want to achieve
  • How you intend to get there

This means you have to set out a plan. A bit like when you go to the supermarket. If you go without a shopping list you will come home with a load of stuff and still not know what to cook for dinner. If, however you plan ahead and make a meal plan and then a shopping list, you may come home with a lot of extra stuff but you will at least have the stuff you need to make your meals which makes the extra stuff a bonus.

It is the same with learning. Decide what it is you want to achieve. Start by looking at the bigger picture. Where do you ideally see yourself in 6 months / 1 year, whatever timescale you want to follow. Then break it down into a timeframe that you know you can stick to. There is no point making goals that you know from the start you can’t achieve. Then make an action plan and finally always review and learn from what you have either achieved or not achieved and use this to alter your next action plan. This way you are constantly fine-tuning your own learning plan and you see what works for you and what doesn’t. It is a known fact that if we have fun learning we will learn, if we are not enjoying it we won’t.

For example:

In 6 months I want to be a confident writer in English mails, letters and messages.


In one year I want to be able to hold a conversation with someone without having to stop and think about what I am saying every 2 seconds.

  1. Firstly, make a time plan of when you are going to learn English
  2. Secondly, make a plan of what you want to learn and do a quick mindmaps of what that actually entails.
  3. Thirdly, make you plan visible and stick to it
  4. Finally at the end of the week review what you have learnt and set your next goal.

Your plan could look something like this:


Whatever you do just make sure you DO IT. You will be amazed at what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. Best of luck!