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The Magic of Bilingual Books

Bilingual Books are Magical!

Bilingual books are a great way to encourage students to enhance their vocabulary. We know that listening to an audio is a much more relaxed, yet effective way of understanding a language. It allows the brain time to simply understand the words in the context that they are being given. Listening to the same story a few times has a magical effect and suddenly the brain starts to slowly understand what is being said. This whole process is enhanced when the student chooses a bilingual audio book which offers a short summary of the story in the students´ native language and then the whole story in the target language.

The Bilingual Audio books from Play&Say are brilliant for young learners. The stories are easy to follow, well summarized and clearly spoken. Each story has a vocabulary key to support the student in understanding the story.

There are currently 4 titles available:


The series has a total of 12 stories.

Robby and his bilingual audio books are unique and very effective. Here is a short sample of Robby goes to the rainbow……enjoy! 🙂

Enjoy learning English with Fiona and Robby 🙂