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See Dyslexia differently

Thank you to Studio Tinto for this brilliant video on Dyslexia. Unfortunately there are still a lot of people and educators that still do not understand how a dyslexic brain works.

Your brain is as individual as you are and every single one of us has an amazing brain, it´s just that they all work differently. Some of us are great at remembering the tiniest detail and others find it easier to see the bigger picture.

If you or your child are suffering from dyslexia, see your opportunities and your amazing qualities and not your failures and your struggles to succeed. Some of the greatest people we have ever known were dyslexic and it is very true to say;

“Our world needs dyslexic people.

Dyslexic people change the world!”

Fiona Simpson-Stöber 

Please take the time to watch this brilliant video.