The Magical Advent Calendar – A chapter based story to read every day in Advent



The Magical Advent Calendar is an enchanting story guaranteed to leave its readers spellbound and captivated.

Ayria is a central figure amongst the dynamic cast of characters whose interactions bring an additional layer of realism without detracting from the plot and the wonders of the land of Nashim.

This enchanting story of Christmas teaches children to be kind, caring, and grateful and encourages them to do something to make our planet beautiful.

A kind and caring girl with a magical advent calendar, snow, gingerbread men, and a great message of making this Christmas more magical by saving our natural resources.

Ayria is excited about the special Advent Calendar that her Grandma gifted her. She can’t wait to open all the doors, but she is not aware of the mystical and magical powers that are hidden within them.

Once she spirals through the mirror and into the world of Nashim she meets the Snow Angel who is very concerned about the environment on planet earth. Each day of advent shares a different adventure and the book ends on Christmas Eve, leaving the message:

“Love is the greatest gift we can share, be it with each other or with nature, but we must love and cherish what we have been entrusted with, it is as fragile as a snowflake.”

Each day of advent shares a different adventure and a lesson about saving our planet, like using renewable energy, recycling, and not storing too much of anything, etc., and the biggest surprise Ayria receives on Christmas eve is about the magic of Christmas.

Our one small step can bring a big change, so we all should come forward to save our beautiful planet, natural resources, and animals from extinction.

The magic, the mystery and the inspiration changes Ayrias perspective on life forever. This precious world is as fragile as her beautiful snowflake shoes, together with the snow angel, Nebula and her little friend Micky she experiences one adventure after another as she opens the doors of this magical advent calendar and tries to live in harmony at Christmas time and all year round to save this precious planet that her and her family and friends call home.

This book is a page turner with well-fleshed out characters and an engaging storyline all drawing to a startling conclusion which will stay with its readers long after they have read the final pages of the book. The story is magical, enchanting and it carries a very special message about the environment and the sustainability of our planet.

One of the most precious messages in this book is Ayira´s love for her life here on planet earth. Every time she lands in Nashim she finds herself wearing her very precious, yet fragile, snowflake shoes. They are the most beautiful thing she has ever seen, yet they do not belong to her, she must take great care to keep the environment that she is living in, suitable so that her shoes do not disappear. A similar challenge as she recognises her generation have been faced with in order to save planet earth.

This captivating chapter book captures the holiday spirit and encourages children to believe in the magic of Christmas.

What else do we need for a good Christmas story?

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