Can you feel my love Molly?



Can you feel my love Molly?

“Beautiful,” “moving,” and “adorable!” just a few words used by customers who decided to buy this empowering children’s picture book. It is one thing knowing you are loved, it is another feeling it. Give your child the love they deserve for a happy, fulfilled, and treasured life.

This special book is filled with inspirational ways to empower children to feel the love that they are surrounded by It will help your child have a positive mindset, give them confidence and most of all, let them understand they are never alone because we can still love and be loved even when we can’t see each other, even when we are no longer here on earth.

Gift this beautiful book to a child that you want to help feel love. Whatever the occasion: a baby shower, new baby, just because, birthday, Christmas, or simply to say, “I love you.” Parents and kids will love you for it. ❤️