Learn English

Let me help you, to help yourself and improve your English

Hi, my name is Fiona Simpson-Stöber and my passion is helping people to learn English.

I´m asked all of the time:

“What´s the easiest way to learn English?” or “How can I help my child with their school English?”

I hear all of the time:

“I understand so much but I don´t dare to speak it!”


“I used to be so good in school!”

Others seriously believe they weren´t made to learn a language. (This one really makes me laugh)

  • Are you the same?
  • Would you like to speak better English?
  • Would you like to help your child to learn in a simple fun way?

Then follow my Blog on the Play2Say website and I will give you regular tips and tricks, recommend great resources to help you improve your language and best of all, I will start by telling you the best kept secret about learning a language.

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