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How to Effectively Learn English Verb Tenses

Easy to understand, effective to use and simple to apply – English Verb tenses in a nutshell

I have set myself a challenge to help you all understand, review and hopefully confidently use the main tenses used in English Grammar.

There are 8 of these tenses:

  • Simple Present
  • Present Continuous
  • Simple Past
  • Past Continuous
  • Present Perfect
  • Past Perfect
  • Will Future
  • Going to Future

Over the next few days I will post a video to explain each of these tenses to you.

All you need to do, is to practice using them and you will see an immediate improvement in your English language.

Here are a couple of great websites to practice using English Grammar:


The secret to learning a language successfully is REPETITION. The more you repeat what you have learned the more intuitive it becomes and hence the more fluent you become.

I can honestly guarantee this because it is exactly how I learnt my second language. It was the ONLY thing that worked.

Simple Present Tense

Here is the first Video on the SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE.


Enjoy learning English