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How to improve your English – Immediately, Successfully and with Great Ease.

Can you imagine being 20 years old, only speaking one language and then moving to a foreign country that didn´t speak the language you knew?

Wow that´s scary no?

Well that was me 24 years ago. To say I was terrified, frustrated and very homesick for the first 3 months is a massive understatement. In fact I was so homesick, that I begged my Mum not to send be back after christmas, which of course she refused to do.

Oh boy am I grateful to her today that she believed in my skills more than I did at that point in my life. In fact she gave me my airfare home in an envelope and told me to travel back to Germany. She added that if I could´t finish the year, then I could buy a flight and come home.

What a great person she was.

I returned to Germany and guess what…..

Yes I´m still here.

Today I am totally bilingual, with 2 bilingual children and an abundance of genuine language learning tips and tricks, I am the author of the highly successful Play&Say range of bilingual books and I cannot share my tips and tricks enough to allow anyone to improve their English skills.

YES, even those of us who have convinced themselves that they can´t learn a second language. 

Well, believe me you can.

“If you say you can, you can. If you say you can´t, you won´t!”

Patricia Haylock

If you are willing to take a chance and if you really want to improve your English, then believe me in a very short time, with my help, you can.

The mere fact that you are actually reading this blog should tell you, you want more than you have now. I am very aware that there are loads of people promising you the same as I am, and I cannot honestly tell you what it is exactly that makes me different. Let´s just say, the results you will see will let you answer this question for yourself 🙂

The truth is, anyone can learn a language as long as they want to. You have the opportunity every single day to become fluent in English, it´s up to you.

So, if you are ready for the journey then let me start today by sharing my biggest secret about learning a language.

We learn a language for 2 reasons, without one of which it won´t work.

1 – You NEED it

2 – You WANT it

It´s that simple.

Fiona Simpson-Stöber

The Magic isn´t in the book, it is in you

The Magic does not lie in the book, it lies in YOU

Fiona Simpson Stöber 

What this actually means for you and how you can get started, will be the subject of my next Blog post.

Enjoy learning English with Fiona


Kindest regards,